Enabling people to live their best life.


Commitment to U and enabling people to live their best life.

Small, experienced registered NDIS family business

Why the name 3 Minds Qld?

We believe in a holistic approach

3 Minds Qld

1) The person (individual we support)

2) Their family / support network

3) Us the providers

We all work together because no one person should do this journey alone.

I started in this industry 18 years ago and was told something that I make part of my company now, our role as a support worker is to ourselves out of a job. In saying this we should always be working towards capacity building, giving people the tools they need. No person should only ever have paid supports in their life.

Each person has a personalised plan and approach

We started 3 Minds Qld as we have a true passion for assisting people to reach their goals, but with honesty and integrity.

No one plan is the same as no two people are the same, we look at these differences as strenghts, we celebrate your uniqueness and work with you to reach your goals.

We promise to commit to you as much as you commit to us, we understand that life is not easy but if we can help make that journey a little easier, we will.

We are a small company that believe in strength-based techniques and capacity building, we have over 17 years’ experience and training in the disability and community sector, every member of our team holds the same value and beliefs from the owner to each member of the team.

We celebrate U.

To ensure that the participants understand their plans in their own way, we use visual tools like board makers, pecs, and individualised symbols. Making a plan that the participant can follow own their plans, and their goal is to help them along their journey at every step of the way.

Our services

Core and Capacity building supports

SLES / School leaver support

In home support

Community Access

Implementation restrictive practices

Support Coordination

Holiday programs

SIL provider

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A connection with the clients in a holistic tailored approach for the individual and their support networks so that they are always empowered to have the choice of quality and control over their lives. We believe it is important to maintain and improve relationships to be supportive and positive for the client and their family and friends to create sustainable network now and in the future.


Respect your values, your opinions, your beliefs, and your journey. We respect that this journey may be hard and may have tried so many things previously that haven’t worked but understand and focus on the fact that you haven’t given up and are willing are to try. We will be honest in our communication and explain why and how we do things and work with you and your support networks to improve and reach towards individual goals. But if we are not the “right fit” we will be honest and respect that and try and help you found someone who is the right fit for you.


We promise to commit to you as much as you commit to us, we understand that life is not easy, it is not 9-5 job and understand that things may happen and you just need to talk through a behaviour or an issue at 8pm we offer after hours support for this reason. But we also will be honest and only commit to services that we can follow through with, we do not believe in offering the world and backing out. We follow through with our promises and offer that consistency and reliability that everyone deserves.


Clear and open communication, this is honest and open communication and although it may not always be positive it will be only to assist in working through the problems to set you up for success. Because life is not always fair and you deserve for us to be honest with you, we will keep you informed on your goals and how they are tracking, if things need to improve or changed in order to reach those goals we will be open with our communication with you and your family. If we are not on the same page we will report this to you and will assist to amend breakdown the barriers in order to achieve your goals.

We welcome feedback for us as well as we are not perfect and the only way we can work well together is honesty from you, your families and from us as this is a team effort and continue to strive for improvement.


3 Minds QLD consists of a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing the highest quality in care, bringing to you and your family a wealth of experience and expertise.

Delisiah (Del) Brooks



(07) 5611 3038

(07) 5611 3038