Delisiah (Del) Brooks

Director / Owner

Support worker

I have over 15 years experience working with adults and children in the disability sector, specialising in behaviours of concern dual diagnosis and autism. I fell into this industry many years ago and discovered a passion for it and the people, seeing people to achieve their goals no matter how little or big those goals are.

The first person I worked with had a fear of leaving the house it took 12 months and lots of girly dress ups and we got to go out to Hungry Jacks (their choice) on a busy Saturday night and eat a meal together. I knew from that moment this is what I wanted to do with my life, that seeing this happen and their sense of pride. That there is nothing better, it makes the journey worth it. If I can do this for someone else to improve their lives than I think I should, information and learned experiences should be shared.

I have training in behaviours, autism therapy, ADHD, ADD, dual diagnosis and intellectual impairments and experience with NDIA and NDIS system overall, I understand the painful process of red tape and getting through it.

I believe that people are often limited by the perceptions of what they should achieve and lack of communication. I understand that in reality it is often lack of resources, understanding or opportunities that are the true limitations. My favourite saying is that no one is non-verbal โ€“ that they have their own language just most people are too ignorant or lazy to understand it, they are communicating we just need to understand how.

I have seen how hard it is for families and the breakdown in relationships, I donโ€™t judge but I can see when behaviours of concern are all that families see but when they start to decrease. I have had families tell me, I forgot how much I love them, as they start to see past the behaviours.

The joy on the families face when they see how uniquely wonderful their loved one is, is amazing, I work with families in crisis I want to stop the cycle and the breakdown of the family structure if we can, so we can see the individual and not the behaviour.

I am just a part of a great little team all of our support workers are great and are passionate about helping clients reach their goals.

Each staff member has the own unique approach that brings a great perspective and skill level towards outcomes and objectives, and are fundamental towards the success of 3 Minds Qld.

The members of our team are Courtney, Lamara, Jade and Shirley each one helps us be that little bit better ๐Ÿ™‚