We know the process can be overwhelming, we are with you every step of the way, we work with you, and you are not alone.

We offer unique personalised plans to reach your goals, we like to believe no two plans are the same as no two people are the same.

We have undertaken intensive training and although we work within the guidelines of the NDIA, we do not let this limit or reduce the options for your goals and outcomes as we think outside the box and how to make the plan and goals the best for your needs and get the best out of your current plan and all future plans to achieve your outcomes and work towards your goals now and in the future.
We specialise in children with autism, ADD/ ADHD and intellectual impairments and behaviours concern but can also support adults and children outside of this specialisation as we have a personalised approach to the each individual we support

We breakdown the participants plan so they understand their plan and goals. We work with the participants and all their stakeholders with all aspects of their plan

  1. Working out what you want, how to get there and steps to achieve your goals
  2. Implementing of goals – Breaking down the plan to achievible goals
  3. Evidence needed for meeting your goals, and evidence towards getting future plans that are clear and concise and work towards future success and goals of the individual.

SLES Skills

Job readiness skills

Task analyse: how to break down tasks and complete as needed in everyday life and in the work setting.

Personal hygiene and grooming: right look for right day / activity e.g. what to wear to an interview, what to wear for different social events.


Practical interview skills

Phone and email communication

Handing out resume’s to cafes, shops and desired work locations working towards gaining employment and or volunteer work.

Support in the workplace to integrate as needed with the aim to gradual reduce on the job support.

Point of contact with employees to prevent misunderstandings and identifying and working towards improving any constructive criticism from the workplace to make it a successful position.

Resume and cover letter writing.

Tax file number

Ongoing education and upskilling: Support Max to complete RSA; Barista course; First aid; Blue card; Support to complete certificate 3 through TAFE in desired area

Money handling skills

Budgeting: Money handling and budgeting

Time management skills

Understanding and managing time

Understanding aa roster

Planning you day; week; month

Travel Skills

Travel training: How to take the bus; train; tram and to read a timetable; use a go card, top up ect, looking at time management, reading a map and planning the route successfully to make sure that have enough time to get to destination in right time.



Personal development skills

  • Improve your time management.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivate resilience.
  • Listen actively.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Develop a reading habit.
  • Learn new things.
  • Improve your public speaking skills.
  • Meet new people.
  • Improve your body language
  • Conflict resolution
  • Manage stress


Life discussions: Internet safety; friendships; relationships discussions and activities as well as take how resources, understanding your rights and been safe, advocating for yourself. Understanding boundaries professionally and personally.

Improving social skills

Communication skills             

Communication: learning how to communicate in different scenarios using your communication style to build upon to make sure you can be understand and be able to communicate with others around you. Key sign (Makaton), Proloquo, board maker, gestures and verbal communication – or working with you to understand your communication style so that you can be involved and understood in all aspects of your day.

Learning to communicate with different groups of people, building social skills.

Improving eye contact, able to communicate information clearly and concisely and gather further information as required.

NDIS requirements:

¼ reporting to NDIS, daily reflection and notes

Understanding your funding

What is Core Support?

What is Capcity Building?

What is Capital Funding?

Plan Management

We are not book keepers and do not pretend to be, we know our limitations but we can offer you advice on who we can recommend and if they are the right fit for your family or try to assist you to source one that is.

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