Community access

Assist participants to meet goals relating to participating in community, social or recreational activities.

Examples: sitting and having a meal in public; learning to catch the bus; join the family in activities and displaying appropriate behaviours when in public.

In home support

A personalised approach based on your needs to live independently, with a focus on strength-based techniques, rather than just doing but looking at how everyone can learn to do things as independently as possible.

Example: as simple as eating breakfast by themselves, getting dressed, life skills and upskilling. Accessing the house in a safe way, independent entertainment.

Off site support – phone service

  • Help to talk through situations and give ideas while going through implementing routines and changes.
  • Charged at 15 minute intervals depending on the individual plan, or problem been reported e.g capacity building, daily living or core supports.

Example: unable to get child to go to sleep  – debrief and give strategies this would be daily living or core supports depending on plan

Day to day living

Included but not limited to the standard items which we do cover but our point of difference. Is not looking at what limits you but what skills you need to be take part and do activities.

  • Assistance with bathing or showering with a focus on independence
  • Assistance with dressing and personal grooming with a focus on independence
  • Assistance with eating and use of utensils
  • Skill development to break down the barriers that stop you from been the best you can be –

Example: arranging doctor’s appointments, resume, safe internet access, positive relationships, emotional regulation.

Example: Making a sandwich you might get distracted easy and not know how to be safe with utensils yet, we do a task analysis look at steps needed and build on those.

  1. Help to get two pieces of bread out
  2. Get butter out Butter
  3. Get Ham out
  4. Get Cheese out
  5. We use hand over hand technique to help butter the bread and then step by step instructions how to add piece of already sliced cheese and a piece of ham
  6. Put 2nd piece of bread on top
  7. If preferred assistance to cut the bread.

We will work with you and your communication style to give you assistance to do this without us or with your family or supports.

Our belief is that we should upskill someone that they don’t need support each time and can be proud of their achievements, consistency is key and we identify how we can overcome barriers to stop to limitations and only success.

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